8 juni 2019
Anne and Ton are tuning in to the consequences of 5G. This is the channeling that was given:

”If you look at the human body, it consists of several bodies. A physical body of bones and tissue and muscles. Then there is a fluid body of blood and water. And there is an energetic body and that consists of a whole nerve system, and that nerve system is connected to the aura, energy lines that go through the body. Though this energetic body you are connected to the universal consciousness, through layers that are more and more refined and subtle. These subtle layers have an enormous power on the physical body: they define the physical reality of your body. So for instance if you are ill and something is not working on the physical level, you can cut it away through an incision, but the real cause of an illness is in the subtle etheric body of your being. If you can take out the root cause there, your body will naturally restore itself. This is how the whole human body functions.

You are creating a technological society by mirroring your own system. You create technology that resembles the physical, the fluid, the nerve system and the energetic body. For instance the physical representation of your body are machines, that work according to physical laws. Electricity is like the nerve system. But now you are creating a new wave of information technology, of digital technology, which connects to the etheric body. In a way it takes over its function, just like machines take over muscle power. You don’t need to plow your land yourself, you use a tractor for it. This works the same with your etheric body: it will be taken over by systems like wifi or 5G that will function in the same manner.

The problem is you will get highly addicted to this substitute. It’s like sugar for the nerve system: you cannot do without it anymore at some point because you are not trained anymore yourself to do this work. But it also means – and this is a much more grave danger of this technology – that you are not connected anymore to the universal consciousness, because you will be connected to a technological consciousness. It will divert your attention, your focus, your intuition, toward this electronic network that will control you and all your functions. You create an artificial God and this God knows everything. It is run by artificial intelligence. It is a fake God, an idol. This God will ask everything of you, total obedience, total surrender. It will have total control over your lives. You will forget your true origin and also your own power, your connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky. You will give away your spiritual power by connecting to this new 5G network.

G is the G of God. It’s the 5th God, an idol. Is this a problem? Yes, because in a way you enslave yourselves, you become the slaves of this new God. You will be ruled by a God that is not lifting you up or bringing you spiritual freedom and liberation and enlightenment. You will be ruled by a God that is putting you in a cage and making you into a slave. You will have to serve that God by doing everything in alignment with this new system. You will be rewired and you will forget your origin. You will forget that you are children of Mother Earth.
This is the main thing. A secondary thing is it will influence your brain cells and nerve system in a way that it will damage the natural function of it. It will damage the coordination between the brain and certain organs, for instance the intestines. There is a very intricate pattern of communication between the left and the right brain and the intestines. These two form the whole body of wisdom that you carry. But this connection will be disconnected. So instead of becoming more embodied, more incarnated, you will be more excarnated and the body will become more of a vehicle, a slave towards the mind, this overmind.
So does this give any clarity on the subject?”

Is it a problem to live in an area where there is 5G?
“It’s advisable not to be connected to the 5G network physically, because it will influence you. Whatever your resistance or your precautions, it will work right through your body and there is nothing you can do to stop that. That’s the problem with this unseen energy. It works on this energetic level. So it’s very hard to disconnect from it, even if you want it. That’s why it’s so powerful, it’s too subtle to counterbalance it. It’s actually the fifth element but in its technological form, not in its human form. Because the human form of the fifth element is the holy ghost, the spirit, ether, that divine spark that makes you alive.”

Is there a way to escape on earth, or will it be everywhere?
“There will be parts that stay free but the large part of humanity will be enslaved by this technological system. But there will be pockets, areas where this 5G is not relevant, cos it needs a physical structure to carry it. It needs millions of devices to carry on the signal and – this is very funny, because you will start to carry those devices with you. So it won’t be only devices on rooftops or on buildings, but the devices will be built into your phones and into your computers. So you will be both receptors and senders. Do you understand that this system will be everywhere at some point, everywhere where there is technology this system will have both senders and receptors.”

Is there a way out?
“The only way out is to become aware of it and for people to know the truth and the hazards and risks of this system that they are creating. They are creating a God, a technological God, because they don’t know the real God, their real divinity that is inside themselves. They have forgotten and obliterated their divine origin. They are longing for their divinity, but they create a false God to pray to. So the only way to step out of this pseudo-religion is to become aware and to wake up to your true origin. So this is where your work comes in: the more you can help people waking up, the more they will realize they don’t need the technology to have the same powers to be connected with each other, to have power over matter, to realize that you have a vast potential in the human body and the human brain to control the world around you. Not from a technological nor from a willful force; you can control it because you surrender completely to the divinity.
So basically it’s a ‘battle’ between the forces of freedom and awakening and enlightenment of human beings, against a technological system which is not more than a created substitute for the real thing. It’s a diversion – and a quite dangerous diversion, because once you are in it it is very difficult to get out. It’s like you are addicted to drugs. The way in gives you a high, gives you excitement, gives you much power, much possibility. The way out gives you a large depression and sadness. So there’s a very high price to pay.”


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